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dogs all across the country.

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The Found Dogs follows up on the New York Times bestseller The Lost Dogs which chronicled the abuse of 51 pit bulls taken from Michael Vick’s dogfighting operation, and the heroic attempts to rescue and rehabilitate them.

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Before and After

Rascal was living for 3 years tied up with no attention and little food. His only shelter was a wooden box that looked like a coffin. In Dec. 2015 Rascal was finally surrendered to a rescuer living near this dog. He went on to rescue in New Jersey and has since been adopted and is living inside and getting love all the time.







Rock was tied out in South Carolina. He lived for several years only knowing a rock and a chain. His next door neighbor was so worried about him that she asked for my help to find an adopter who would bring him inside their home. Rock got very lucky and was adopted in Lansdale, PA. He was immediately loved and nurtured by his family. For 2 years he has only known a fully belly and playing and going on excursions.




Bob lived chained for 7 years. He was ignored by his owner who had him as a guard dog for ancient farm equipment that nobody used. A wonderful human went and walked him every day.  Finally the owner saw that Bob needed more and surrendered him. Bob was rescued and adopted. Bob is loved, he has been thru cancer treatments and continues to destroy every squeaky toy he comes in contact with.




Trooper was a stray walking the streets of Suffolk VA. He was lucky enough that a kind woman took him from the street. Unfortunately he lived in a pen during a horrible snow storm. The people gave him heat lamps and straw but knew he belonged inside with a loving family.  We rescued him and he is currently in foster with wonderful people who are teaching him house rules and manners.  He will be adopted after his neuter and shots next week. Trooper has a tremendous future ahead of him. Trooper has been adopted!





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